Thursday, November 1, 2007

I forget that it's a big deal to a lot of people.

Last night was Halloween. And it was awesome!

The day started out with my roommate, Rachel, and I going to try to get tickets to see the original Hitchcock Psycho in theaters. See, AFI decided to kick off their film festival with a showing of one of the movies off of their 100 top thrillers, since it was Halloween, of course. People could vote online and Psycho won. Tickets were FREE and everyone got 2. Rachel and I got there at around 3 and no one was there, so I ran an errand and she stayed. I showed up just as they started handing out the tickets. And I didn't even have to pay for parking! Seriously, it was perfect timing.

We headed back to the apartment and got dinner, then added Jonathan and Kelly to our group and went to the theater. Rachel was ecstatic since Psycho is her favorite movie (which does tell you a lot about her). Jonathan and Kelly had never seen it before, so that was a lot of fun. It was sooo intense watching it on the big screen, but sooo much better! Everything was clear and magnified and...ahhhh! It was unbelievable!

After that, and after we calmed Kelly down a little, we decided to drive down Hollywood Boulevard to see what all the hype was about. It took us about an hour to go down roughly three blocks and back, there were so many people and so many cars. So many different costumes and so many weird things. We definitely gave the creativity award to the guy dressed as a bag of crack. It was hi-larious. It was a bit of overload, with so many things to look at, to be shocked by, to NOT look at. It was GREAT.

So, yeah. I didn't dress up and I didn't get any candy, but it was, by far, the best Halloween ever.

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