Sunday, October 14, 2007

Internship: A Long Overdue Update

That's right! I finally have an internship! Though I'm pretty sure the people that actually read this already knew that. Nonetheless, it deserves a post.

Actually, I've had an internship for about a week. And I technically have 2 internships. Mondays and Thursdays (for those of you keeping track), I spend my day at Focus Features in the marketing department. It's pretty cool because I get to meet with people and work on movie posters and read scripts and stuff. It's on the Universal Lot, which is cool. Thursday was my first day and I got to go on the lot to get my ID picture taken. Indiana Jones (the 4th one...that was just for you) is being filmed on the lot. So is Desperate Housewives. And I can use a golf cart during my lunch break if I want. I hope I get to go to a screening.

My Fridays are spent at Film Independent, which is a non-profit organization that helps indie filmmakers. They have screenings, workshops, cheap equipment rental, etc. And Friday's are free lunch day! And last Friday, it was someone's birthday, so we had cake (carrot cake!), which was great.

I don't really do much at either place. Just the general making copies, helping mail stuff, burn DVDs, and surf the internet. I hope they give me some more responsibilities soon. It's boring to sit around for 9 hours basically doing nothing. I mean, it's nice because I get a chance to do my homework, but after I get that done, I still have about 7 hours left.

But don't get me wrong. I like the people that I'm meeting and getting to make connections and learning about the business. I hope I get to do something exciting that would actually warrant another post.

Fingers crossed...

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