Monday, October 8, 2007

feeling oddly contemplative

My life is so different than it was a year ago.

Let me think:

One year ago, it was October of 2006. I was in the first semester of my Sophomore year. I was in charge of NWC Channel 7 News and really had no idea what I was doing with that position. I was taking 18 credits (as per usual), including Video Editing, PBI, Lit of the Cloister, Precalculus, TV News, and Electronic Journalism. I rarely did anything but homework, and spent countless hours every Monday night and Tuesday morning in the basement of the Mel Johnson Media center preparing and running the news show, plus countless hours other times working on assignments for various media-related and non-media-related (thank you Harris) courses. I was getting along with my roommates very well, despite the normal roommate stuff that comes with simply having roommates. It was getting cold and darker earlier and I was annoyed at how Thanksgiving was being completely skipped over as a holiday in favor of selling Christmas decorations in the middle of October. But I was also secretly looking forward to Christmas, as I usually do.

Now it's October of 2007. I am in the second semester of my Junior year, despite not really having a first, because of a little thing I like to call PSEO and hard work. I am not only not in charge of the news, but not even in video workshop. I even had an internship over the summer in radio and am (gasp!) thinking about taking radio workshop in the spring. I am taking 16 credits (a new low, even for me) at a film school in Los Angeles. I am feeling particulary unmotivated, despite being in the exact place I have thought about being in for a long time (don't worry, though...I think it's because I truly feel comfortable here). I spent countless hours yesterday in the basement of my apartment building acting in my roommates movie. And I am still getting along with my roommates very well, despite the normal roommate stuff that comes with simply having roommates, though my roommates are completely different than they were last year. Seriously, totally different people. But still good. I am really good friends with people that I barely even knew a year ago. It's not getting colder, really, though native Californian's might beg to differ. It's sunny and warm and I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I am for sure not going to see snow until December, which is not a complaint, but a simple fact. I am still annoyed at how Thanksgiving is overlooked as a holiday and was (it never fails) completely aghast when I walked into KMart the other day to find blow up snowmen and lit up Christmas trees. And while I am still looking forward to Christmas, it also means that I won't be here in California. It will mean that I've gone back to the routine from a year ago.

But it also doesn't mean that because so much has changed other than my location. And I know a lot will change within the next year too.

I'm not really sure how I feel about that.

It's fascinating how we anticipate change our whole lives, but don't actually recognize it until after its already happened.

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  1. I liked and laughed at this.
    Especially since my tired eyes read the title to say "feeling oddly competitive" and led me into a surprisingly deep, non-competitive post. :) It competes with sleep for my attention, and won this round.