Sunday, March 31, 2013

Penny Puppy

This is Penny.

She's the newest addition to the Johnson family. We weren't planning to get a puppy, it just kind of happened.

We met her sister at the Burbank Farmer's Market, fell in love, tracked her down, and found she had already been adopted. But then we found out there were other puppies in the same litter, all females still available for adoption. We met another one of her sisters, but then she went to another family.

Finally, we met the last puppy in the litter (who they think may have been the runt). And thus, Penny entered our lives.

She loves being petted and her tire toy. She also snores. We have only heard her bark once, and that was at her bed while she was trying to get comfortable.

She is a chocolate lab mix and, we suspect, will be typical lab size. Which I guess means she won't be a lap dog for very long.


  1. No way could you resist that face, right??? She is adorable and obviously "family" because her white feet are a perfect match for yours and hubby's. ;)

    1. That face gets you every time, and even gets a certain puppy out of trouble sometimes!