Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oatmeal for the modern man

I have just invented the best oatmeal ever.

The best part is, it can be made with regular kitchen/office supplies.

You know how, when you buy an assortment of oatmeal, the plain ones always get the shaft? Are there people that eat that stuff plain? Just...water and oatmeal? More power to 'em if there are, but I can't do that. I need a little flavor, a little depth to my oatmeal.

But at the same time, you don't want to just throw those packets away. It's perfectly good oatmeal! At the very least, you should make some cookies out of it or something. But now, with this recipe I just invented, you no longer have to wonder what to do with the sad, lonely, and neglected plain packets. And it's such an easy recipe, anyone can do it!

One plain packet of oatmeal
One individual tub of honey
One individual-sized creamer (your choice of flavor)

Make oatmeal according to package directions (open packet, dump in bowl, add water and heat, or add already heated water).
Personal Note: I have used both methods and they both work equally well, in my opinion.

Add creamer.
Personal Note: I like vanilla or hazelnut flavored, but any flavor will do. Also, if they make other flavors, please let me know because I only know of the standard 4 (plain, vanilla, hazelnut, Irish cream) and other flavors definitely intrigue me.

Add honey to taste.
Personal Note: I added the whole tub this morning, which ended up being too sweet (even for me!), so maybe start with half the packet and then go from there.

See? It's that easy! As I said, this can be made easily at work (if your work provides you with cream and/or honey) or at home, though when I'm at home, I have a totally different method for making oatmeal. It involves milk and cinnamon and cranberries. I will have to post that one next.

And for all y'all that says that this isn't a real recipe because I don't go into details about how to raise bees for honey or cows for milk or grow my own oats, then I suggest you log off of your computer and mind your own bees/cows/oats.

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  1. Love it! Anyone who says this isn't a real recipe doesn't live in the real world. This is a fantastic idea for office workers and college students. :)

    PS - You can save a bundle by buying big canisters of oats rather than individual packets. I put a blob of syrup & a spoonful of brown sugar in mine.