Friday, June 8, 2007

No Introduction Necessary

One week down at the internship.

I didn't do much the first day. I received a tour and met a ton of people whose names I do not remember. Except David. I remember David because he likes to be called DAVID and not Dave, just like I liked to be called BETHANY and not Beth. My job for the day: find 15 clean jokes that can be used on air for "Clean Joke Day" (no, there is no "Dirty Joke Day"). I was not a good person to do this because I generally don't think jokes are funny anyway, so I just looked for ones that either were a bit clever or so bad they were at least chuckle worthy.

I listened to Along the Way with Kim Jeffries, the radio show that I am interning for, for the first time. A couple of the jokes I found were used on air. I got to sit in the actual studio for the second hour of the show. Karl got me access to KTIS. Word.

Day two of the internship was much more eventful, mostly because day one wasn't really eventful at all. I began editing the only show I had heard up until that point. Anita Renfroe was the guest. Basically my job is to take out the mess-ups, the long pauses, the "ums," and the like for re-broadcast. That's right. One of those wonders of radio is that the re-broadcast ones sound IMMENSELY better than the original. Or at least I'm supposed to make them sound better. Hopefully they do. I also created a bumper from the songs Good Life and Let My Love Open the Door from Audio Adrenaline's album Underdog. I sat in on the show again. Right before the show started, Kelly Lynn (the producer of the show) says to Karl something to the effect of "we need a bleep for the expletive story." One of the news shows Kim was covering for the day was the FCC ruling regarding expletives. So I helped Karl try to find an appropriate bleep (get it? appropriate?). I found one that I really liked, but I guess it wasn't the right kind of bleep for the show. We ended up not using it (and not needing it either).

Next on the internship agenda: more editing. My third day was consumed by that. I have a lot of shows to edit for re-broadcast, so I jumped right in. Karl came to me almost right away with a CD and asked me to make a bumper. So I did. This one was harder than the Audio Adrenaline ones. It was Let's Go by Mark Schultz. One of the shows I edited got messed up a little, but it was just a copy of the show, so I can always make another copy from the original. No worries. I began by editing the show with guest Woodrow Kroll ("Dr. Woodrow Kroll is President and Senior Bible Teacher for the international media ministry Back to the Bible." Back to the Bible's website). He said:

"Getting ourselves between the covers is what we need to do."

He went on to say:

"No one will ever read the Bible out of guilt. I mean, we tried that for 2000 years and we have not been successful."

And that has, so far, been the best moment of my internship. Ah the glories of taking things out of context.

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