Monday, June 11, 2007

All things considered

I just had the most delicious sandwich (raspberry peanut butter on cinnamon bread...mmm...) and am in a quite good mood despite a not quite good day. Monotony is the word. I typed, all day. 'Tis the life of a data-entry-er. At least I get to listen to music. I also felt kinda crappy the whole day. But then I got in my burning hot car and sat in the burning hot sun in stop-and-go traffic for a good 45 minutes and somehow that helped.

I like my new data-entry job, for the most part. And I don't just do data-entry, although that is the majority of it and that was what consumed my day today. For example, on Friday, I got to stuff flyers into pamphlets. I want to say there were over a thousand, but I really have no way of knowing that at all. So let's say I stuffed a million-billion and leave it at a massive exaggeration.

While I did not have to learn this lesson the hard way, I saw it first hand. Last week I was updating a database at work and I found something odd in one of the names that was already entered in the database. I showed it to my brother (ah yes, my brother is basically the one who got me the job. He has worked at this company for over 6 years and is their computer wizard...or maybe he would prefer to be called a computer mage? Probably not. If anything, I think it would be a computer mind). He confirmed that it was, in fact, what I thought it was. I was perplexed about how it got there, but we both just laughed. He said:

See, these are the kind of things we don't think we need to tell people when they are doing
data-entry: People's names do not have semi-colon's in them, no matter how much it
might look like it.

Please remember this for any future data-entry endeavor you may pursue.

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