Thursday, February 18, 2010

It has been an inordinately long time since I last blogged. Where does the time go? I will summarize the exciting parts in bullet-point form:
  • G and I drove up into the mountains for his birthday. There was snow! In Southern California! And it was great. There were also some pretty tasty onion-rings, but we had to pay for those (PS: It was worth it).
  • I've been cooking! So far this year, my accomplishments include Chicken Marsala Pasta, Chocolate Cookies (in the shape of footballs and helmets in honor of the Superest Bowl there is), Chili, and Pistachio Brown Butter Cake with Chocolate Ganache (one of my best accomplishments to date, but one I definitely didn't think was going to turn out during the process). I should note that none of these creations were of my own doing, but of cooks far superior to my feeble skills. God Bless 'Em.
  • I have been writing! One of my goals this year is to actually finish a feature screenplay. I've started my fair share, but never finished. Well, this is my year! I even outlined the story and everything!
  • On a recent holiday's trip up North (about 30 minutes north, thankyouverymuch), I found a lake that combines the best of MN and the best of CA. MN=lake, quiet, calm, peaceful, serene. CA=surrounded by mountains, 75 degrees in February.
  • I basically told you that last part so you could be jealous about 75 degrees in February.

The biggest thing thus far this year, the thing that has been preoccupying my mind basically since Christmas is that I am moving! Next week, in fact. The lease is not yet signed, but it will shortly be signed and I will not reside in the City of Angels any longer. In an e-mail I recently sent to a friend I stated that I won't miss the "loud noises from the street at unreasonable hours, constant claustrophobia from the sheer volume of people in the area, and the strange layer of filth (not dust, mind you, but filth) that forms on EVERY SURFACE." Truth.

Also, our new apartment comes with a refrigerator! While this might not sound like a perk to most reasonable people, it really is. Most apartments out here don't come equipped with a refrigerator. Don't ask me. I have no idea why. Despite my brevity on the topic, the apartment search was somewhat of a stress factor. Months of looking at places online, deciding we (being me and my roommate Kelly) couldn't afford some places, thinking we were going to have to get a 1 bedroom to share (like we're doing now), looking at apartments that would most likely be unavailable by the time we were actually ready to move. But then, as if God himself brought this apartment down from the heaven's (and I'm not saying it's beyond the realm of possibility, it's that great of a place), we found THE apartment. Love at first site. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood with trees and a view of the mountains, this 2 bedroom was perfectly within our price range. Squee! Excitement abounds. And possibly pictures. Stay tuned.

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