Sunday, November 8, 2009

IF: Blur(r)

I wasn't able to submit for last week's IF because, well, even though I procrastinated, I still got it done in time (I think I finished at 11:45pm again), but we didn't have internet, so I couldn't submit it. So this week I wanted to make sure that I got my submission in before the deadline and now I'm sitting pretty at 5 whole days before the next IF.

I was a little stuck this week with the Blur topic, especially after looking at so many good ones people had already submitted, so I googled "blur" and got a couple interesting things. I wanted to draw the British rock band Blur, but that proved to be too much for my talents, so I ended up drawing a Transformer named Blurr. Apparently he's the "fastest Autobot on land."

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