Thursday, September 10, 2009

It is a new stage in my life! Well, sort of. It feels like it anyway. I just came back from visiting Minnesota. It was a good visit, just what I needed, in fact. On the plane ride home, I read an article in one of those plane magazines they conveniently stow for you in the pocket, the ones that are free and full of shameless self-promotion alongside actually interesting information. This particular article was about blogs, and how they have to be about something to be interesting. And while that is a very "duh" thing, it is also very true. Typically, a blog has a theme, a point, a central idea. Mine has not...UNTIL NOW!

The reason for the new name of my blog is twofold. First of all, the original title was temporary until I could think of something better. It didn't really describe anything, save for my ineptness at naming things (except, of course, stuffed animals). The second reason for the change is because I had an epiphany while walking back from the library today, and the epiphany was that my blog should be called "Life, the Universe, and Everything." (I realize that this may not seem to fit into that whole "theme/point/central idea" thing, but I'll address that in a moment.) This is a completely unoriginal name, so I added my personal touch. Being the type of person that names my computers, cars, and, of course, stuffed animals, I thought that LUE (pronounced Loo-ee) would be an appropriate name.

Being a new person in this thing we called Life (the Real World, etc), I decided I want my blog to be about just living life. Good recipes, interesting places to visit, exciting restaurants, unique stores, epiphanies of the universe, homesickness, job searches, google searches, books. In essence, I want it to be about everything life is about. Especially life on a budget. But life. Maybe I should call my blog "Life with LUE."

As for my first post regarding life, the universe, and everything, I made my first library check-out today! and I am giddy to start reading Flash CS4 for Dummies but am disciplining myself to clean up my room and unpack my stuff before I am allowed to crack the book open.

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  1. Looking forward to finding out more about your perspective on "LUE" :)

    Oh, and kudos on getting that Flash book!