Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clean Machine

SUCCESS! I found a way to clean my nice white mac keyboard so it's not dingy.

But first:

I hung up some pictures! My roommate has movie posters on her side of the room. Wolverine, Sunshine, Star Trek, Iron Man, and The Matrix, respectively. And my side of the room was looking a little sad, what with its white walls and such. So I fixed it. I brought some frames I had in my room in Minnesota back with me and now they are on my wall!

I got the idea for it from my good friend Bethany Coffelt. She did this sweet thing for a school project where she took a photo and cut it up into pieces, but hung the pieces together. Now, hers was cooler because she did this sweet thing with shadow box frames. In the back of each frame was each piece of the picture, but in the front of the frame was a version of the picture printed on transparency paper, adding a really cool effect to the whole thing. Perhaps she has a picture of it? I shall ask her (and sorta just did). But anyway, this is a spin-off, if you will, of that idea, where I took a picture of mine and cut it into pieces to fit the frames. So here's the final product:

It adds a nice touch to the room, in my opinion. I still have 2 frames, so those might go above my computer, but what to go in them? I'm not so sure yet.

And now for the aforementioned success. I was in a cleaning mood today (mostly because I had to be because our tub was in desperate need of a cleaning), and while I was at it, I decided to try to figure out how to clean my mac keyboard. See, when I got it, it was a nice white color, but then it slowly turned to a dingy gross color (I believe that's an actual color on the color wheel), shown below.

So I did some googling and found a site that said that Glass Plus wipes worked well. Well I didn't have any of those, but I did have some Method All-Surface wipes in Cucumber scent, so I tried those. They worked like heaven, as they claim on the packaging. And they're environmentally friendly!

I do suggest buying those wipes because they smell clean but not chemically, but my larger point is that you can probably use any sort of cleaning wipe, or any sort of cleaning agent and a paper towel. I thought my keyboard needed something special, but it really doesn't. So don't be afraid to try something! But always test it first (I've never had a problem with any sort of product I've used, even when testing it, but I suppose it's a good practice to perform).

And speaking of keyboards, you should check out this webseries called CTRL. There are 10 episodes, but they're all pretty short. And it's pretty dang good.

PS: I apologize for the quality of the pictures in today's blog. I was going for speed, not accuracy
PPS: Pictures of (hopefully) the whole meal as posted in the last post (along with recipes) to come. Get ready to drool.

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  1. So, I forgot to comment on this... I did look to see if I had a picture, and I couldn't find one! Shocking, right? Actually, I think Tanning might still have my frames even. Sigh. But I love how you continued the idea. I really like how you offset the frames. NICE!