Friday, May 22, 2009

Things I Learned This Week

  1. Tipping is not necessarily always a good idea.
  2. Los Angeles is very quiet with virtually no traffic...if you get up at 4:00am.
  3. Every Ralph's is laid out differently.
  4. People really like bananas.
  5. "Flyin' in" is one of the most annoying phrases.
  6. Queen is infinitely better live.
  7. So is Kiss.
  8. People will do nice things for you if you are nice to them. Appearing (and actually being) desperate also helps.
  9. Working 16 hour days literally feels like working 2 days in one.
  10. When you're famous, you can get pretty much anything you want.
  11. Lighting candles and then blowing them out helps them light faster the second time.
  12. At certain Home Depots, toasters are a seasonal item: Christmas.
  13. Perrier is a popular drink that comes in three different flavors.
  14. Katrina is actually a nice person.
  15. David Hasselhoff is much taller than I originally thought.
  16. Saying "copy that" to an announcement about not tying up the channel is a dumb idea.
  17. Production Assistants are the unsung heroes of any production.
  18. Pavilions has the best store-bought brownies.
  19. Ralph's doesn't carry fruit trays or toasters.
  20. Keith Urban messing up a chord is hilarious.
  21. I don't want to work in an office.
  22. Real Aussie and British accents are great.
  23. Diet Stewart's Root Beer has a very funky aftertaste.
  24. Sprinkle's cupcakes are best when free.

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