Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Strong Move

I have not updated this in over a year, almost a year and a half. But with this new stage in my life (ie: moving from Minnesota to California) comes a whole new blog! I've changed everything (except for my archived posts...for an interesting blast from the past, check out what 20-year-old Bethany sounded like!).

As all good blog-posters, or at least the handful of them I have read, I am going to make a claim on the frequency I intend to update this blog: every week. That's right, I hope to update this every week.

Feel free to comment! I want to keep in touch with people, and this seems like a decent way of doing that, so leave me stuff related to what I write, or don't. Either way, if it's not vulgar, inappropriate, or really stupid, I will try to respond in a timely manner.


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